Tarun Gogoi: this post is also an important matter

Shri Digvijay Singh referred to him as Gaon Bura (village chief). What an apt comment he made on this man who being the chief minister of the state has kept such a simple image of his. No big words, no deep logic and just no sense, but yet how humorous. But now these mindless comments by a man entrusted with such a position of responsibility is becoming too irritating (just like PJs are) for the public. More so because by using this cheap tool of his he has been playing a politics of denial to fool the people of Assam. The skillful use of this tool of oratory of his has also entered the domain of personal attacks on fellow congress MLA’s, ridiculing the opposition. And the most recent remarks takes into granted that the people of Assam are plain and simple irrational fools without a logical brain sound enough to reason and understand.

Firstly on his ever increasing tussle with Himanta Biswa Sharma and his bunch of MLA’s. In a recent comment he said “rocky (referring to Rockybul Hussain, Forest Minister of Assam) was there during Rajiv Gandhi also and during Indira Gandhi also, his father was also known to me, they were in our bad days as well”. If Tarun Gogoi is so interested in political history will he clear it to the people of Assam that Rockybul Hussain’s grandfather was in the fold of Syed Sadullah who tried their best to get Assam into East Pakistan? And to achieve that introduced rampant migration from present day Bangladesh. In terms of logic will he tell us why a minister who has failed to ensure the protection of forest lands from encroachment, one who has failed to prevent poaching of one horned rhinos, failed completely in halting rampant deforestation deserves to be endorsed by him. In 2009 and 2011 elections it was Himanta Biswa Sarma and his policies which the entire congress party flaunted to win a majority. Himanta Biswa Sarma who was until few months back one of his closest aides became his enemy.  But as per Mr Gogoi’s judgment credibility has no weightage, nor does proven record of good work hold and weightage. All that matters is family lineage and a good track record of “chamchagiri” of congress party.

Who cannot see that all Tarun Gogoi is worried about is to bring his son into the centre of Assam politics? Earlier all was fine with Himanta Biswa Sarma, but just when he started becoming a scare to his son’s political career hell broke loose. Gaurav Gogoi’s prospect of standing tall in the politics of Assam will clearly be hindered if Himanta Biswa Sarma becomes the CM after the next assembly elections. In presence of Himanta Biswa Sarma an alliance with AIUDF to ensure a safe seat for his son in 2014 elections also seemed impossible. So throwing cheap personal attacks of who is closer to him and whose family has been in congress since generations he is trying to break the popularity of the other leader. May be the following pictures will clear things better of what is in Mr Gogoi’s mind:

Few years ago:


Now and from now onwards

blog - Copy

 Finally some argue that it is Tarun Gogoi’s own choice as individual to regard someone as close and someone as not. But here is where the biggest problem is. His individual opinion is coming in between his official responsibilities. He is making public (as chief minister) comments based on his personal choices. If one agrees to him all is well or else you are kicked out. If this is democracy than what is anarchy? Is anarchy desirable …..

Let me not go on to his comments on the opposition which went like “AGP and BJP are just like chit funds, they promise and then runs away” for maybe even the public isn’t much concerned about the opposition. But then he does the unthinkable when he considers the general public to be a fool. “Increasing waste is a sign of development”, “what is so peculiar about Guwahati being water logged; even Delhi and Mumbai are affected by floods”. I feel like laughing, crying and banging my head at the same time. This is what I referred to initially as the politics of denial. If the CM of a state throws such bullshit logic upfront why will the authorities and the rest of the system be even minutely interested in pushing for any development? Increasing waste and such frequent water logging is a problem of bad urban planning, of growing population such that a city can’t absorb. It signals of Bad roads and bad drainage system. Without acknowledging and acting on them he uses his “brilliant” oratory to fool us. Such defunct leadership is the root of all problems today.

Finally I will add just a few lines of comment about why this kind of mindless things elevates the problem of leadership paralysis in Assam. Mr Gogoi has been in the chair since 12 years. Few days ago he boasted that in 2016 as well he plans to come back. On one hand he is leaving behind a bad example that leader can say whatever they wish, whenever they feel like to fool the public because at the end of the day the public forgets everything. On the other if some other faction is willing to come and replace old guns and take charge he feels attacked and retaliates. The same problem exists in Asom Gana Parishad as well where the old guns are hanging on the main seats as if there is still some meat left in the skeleton for them to suck out. For nearly 3 to 4 decades if a state is devoid of a good leader whom others can look up to and who can train the subordinates where will new ones come from? Mr Tarun Gogoi certainly believes that good leaders will come through heredity. Truly Diggi Raja is correct for once. Tarun Gogoi with his words seem more like a gaonbura and he has definitely turned Assam politics into one such arena of village level panchayat politics.

When I think of his comments like “There is not a single Bangladeshi in Assam” to be followed few days later by “there are a few lakh Bangladeshi in Assam” I am angered and at the same time saddened by the state of “Orajokota” (a kingless kingdom) going on in Assam where Mr CM is making others dance to his stupid gimmick remarks. But when better ones come up, like “Muslims are large in number in Assam because they are illiterate”, I run so much out of my mind that I can’t regroup myself to find some logic in it and rebut it. He has crossed an age when others could rectify him. It is only for him to realize that if he wants to retire from politics (which is close by) with a respectable name he must refrain from such drama and leave a few good deeds behind him. May be few will then remember him. I think someone should go and whisper in his ears “Sir, speak well and speak sense for that is also an important matter”


2 thoughts on “Tarun Gogoi: this post is also an important matter

  1. pulakeshupadhyaya

    The matter that you have raised has larger implications on the future of our polity, in India in general, and in Assam in particular. Politics cultivated in the hotbed of differing ideologies is a better option than politics which springs from dynastic preferences.
    Tarun Gogoi, by choosing his son and his cronies over a minister whom he himself has praised for developmental work is only furthering the ideological bankruptcy of the Congress. He seems desperate in trying to establish the fact that even if you work hard, campaign with a saline drip on your body for your party, if you do not further dynastic interests, you are most likely to be humiliated within the party, and outside.
    Have ideological differences with both Himanta and Tarun Gogoi, but this is not a question of ideology. It is a question of furthering personal interests at the expense of ideology and performance.

  2. Manisha

    What disturbs me more, is not the fact that our Mr CM gladly wags his tail to the whims of ‘Madam Gandhi’ nor the fact that he indulges in outright corruption and in a politics vested with personal interests. What is annoying is the fact that here is a man-the supposed face of ‘Axom’ who lacks in credibility and a strong leadership and even the least ‘a voice of his own’. His mindless remarks as you mentioned, maybe with the view that ‘people will forget in sometime’ makes him an absolute object of mockery so much that a section of a popular comedy show is dedicated to him. As the CM or a political leader he lacks in his own capacity as a leader forming his own ideologies and standing by it. On that account, leaders like Miss Bannerjee, Mayawati, Nitish Kumar I do feel stand out as strong if not credible personas. The BJP-JD(U) split doesnot appear as ridiculous as the Sharma-Gogoi differences which is solely based on insecurity of his power going to another blood instead of running through his blood and appear as petty kiddish tiff for quest of power. Gogoi somehow tends to forget that if he cannot build himself as a strong opinionated leader with his own ideologies there is less likely chances of him to replicate the dynastic model of the Gandhi family. Maybe on that note his ‘Madam Gandhi’ should guide him through.


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